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Custom Tuning : Gas Vehicles

Custom tunes start at $75-$100 for most stock-style naturally aspirated vehicles, $100-$125 for heads and/or cam vehicles, and $175 for a supercharged vehicle intended to get your vehicle drivable to a Dyno for final calibration by another shop. Some supercharged vehicles can be calibrated fully via mail order on a case by case basis.

Install any Diablo tune of your choice to your vehicle, then follow these instructions.

Once you have your tune files exported/saved from the tool to your PC, you then need to email that original backup tune file and also the "last tune written" tune file – as well as the following information:
        · Year
        · Make
        · Model
        · Engine
        · Transmission Type
        · Rear gear ratio
        · Rear tire size
        · Induction type - Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction or Nitrous (& horsepower level)
        · Air induction type
        · Throttle Body type and size
        · Intake manifold
        · Cylinder heads, and ported or not ported
        · Camshaft/camshafts duration and lift, part number if possible
        · Mass Air meter
        · Fuel Octane Rating
        · Fuel injectors
        · Fuel pump
        · If you have Exhaust manifolds/short tube headers/mid-length headers or full length headers
        · Off-Road or with cats
        · Cat-back exhaust or not