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Custom Tuning : Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel

We have hp options of 40hp, 75hp, 75hp smokey, 90hp and the race tune of 110hp. You can choose 3 tunes for $175 or $75 individually.

Install any Diablo tune of your choice to your vehicle, then follow these instructions.

Once you have your tune files exported/saved from the tool to your PC, you then need to email that original backup tune file and also the "last tune written" tune file – as well as the following information:
        · Year
        · Make
        · Model
        · Engine
        · Transmission Type
        · Rear gear ratio
        · Rear tire size
        · 2wd or 4wd
        · Nitrous/Propane/Water Methanol amount if applicable
        · Cold Air kit
        · Turbo size (stock or aftermarket)
        · Injectors
        · Down pipe size
        · Exhaust size