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Custom Tuning : Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel

We have hp options of 20hp Economy, 50hp Heavy Towing, 65hp Light Towing, 85hp Street, 100hp Performance. You can add the Jake Brake option to any tune for no charge. You can choose 3 tunes for $175 or $75 individually.

Install any Diablo tune of your choice to your vehicle, then follow these instructions.

Once you have your tune files exported/saved from the tool to your PC, you then need to email that original backup tune file and also the "last tune written" tune file – as well as the following information:
        · Year
        · Make
        · Model
        · Engine
        · Transmission Type
        · Rear gear ratio
        · Rear tire size
        · 2wd or 4wd
        · Nitrous/Propane/Water Methanol amount if applicable
        · Cold Air kit
        · Turbo size (stock or aftermarket)
        · Injectors
        · Down pipe size
        · Exhaust size